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SpotOn contact center practices shared at the Call Center Association Fall 2011 Conference...
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SpotOn Enterprises is a forward thinking, dynamic company that provides speaking, consulting and training services to the customer service industry. We understand the challenges of servicing customers and take a SpotOn approach to shedding light on what matters most.

We help you:
- Improve financial and organizational performance
- Optimize leadership
- Drive organizational efficiency and effectiveness
- Increase employee and customer satisfaction
- Motivate and energize your workforce

If you're looking for performance improvements in these areas you've come to the right place!
      SpotOn Speaking Services
Are you looking for a dynamic and motivational speaker for an upcoming event? Whether it is a keynote presentation, workshop or summit facilitation Connie Smith, customer service subject matter expert and accomplished speaker is sure to captivate your audience. Connie has spoken at over 100 industry events and is a proven leader in the customer service industry. Check out our most popular sessions.
      SpotOn Consulting Services
We have a proven track record of helping customer service and sales organizations such as Nordstrom, Southwest Airlines, Staples, Cabelas, Nike and Safeco. We've been successful because we offer practical, no nonsense solutions to your most challenging business problems. With more than 20 years experience consulting to the customer service industry, we understand your business and provide you with a resource that you just can't find anywhere else. We understand that each organization has unique challenges and you often need to respond quickly to customer or organizational need to improve performance or service your customers. We're agile, responsive and can customize a solution for you today..

      SpotOn Training Services
When you develop your most important assets, your employees, everyone wins. Customers receive better service and remain loyal; Employees become engaged and satisied achieving higher performance and the company is more efficient and effective which increases the bottom line.
SpotOn Training Services has created some amazing employee development programs that can be delivered in the form of onsite workshops or via a virtual classroom over the web. Check them out!

Please feel free to contact me at anytime. I look forward to speaking with you!

Connie Smith, President
"When I listened to Connie speak at a conference it was clear that she new what she was talking about. She understands the issues and trends facing today's customer service organizations and her years of experience bring great insight. We tapped into her consulting expertise and she has been a delight to work with. I highly recommend her!"

- Gwen Corr, Customer Relations Department, Training and Quality Assurance Manager,

"It has been my pleasure to have
worked with Connie. She's been the
highest rated presenter at each
CCNG event she participated in... no
small feat. Bright, insightful, energetic
and candid. She has a way of quickly
getting to the core of an issue and
communicating it in a way that
illuminates and inspires. She's one of
the top people in our industry and I
highly recommend her!"

- Lon Hendrickson, General Manager
Membership, CCNG
"I have utilized Connie's consulting
services on several occasions and
highly recommend her. Her clear-cut
approach offers solutions that are easy
to implement and administer."

-Jona Berta, Manager Customer
Relations and Rapid Rewards,
Southwest Airlines
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